Haweloses raak meer

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Daar is daagliks toenemend nood onder hawelose en arm mense in Kaapstad en dié probleem gaan nog jare lank voortduur. Só sê Ilse Maartens, hoof van die nie-rege- ringsorganisasie Mould Empower Serve (MES) in Kaapstad. Nie-regeringsorganisasies wat met hawe- loses … Continued

VRCID collaborates with local players to feed the homeless: Part 2

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During the six long weeks of level 5 lockdown, we dedicated special focus to supporting the homeless. We collaborated with local NGOs, charities and other players to ensure food security for those on the streets, to deliver food parcels, and … Continued

The VRCID joins forces with MES to feed the homeless: part 1

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Our VRCID Social Development Manager Wilma Piek and her team are proud to have joined forces with MES, various shelters and NGOs, to support the homeless during levels 4 and 5 of lockdown. Wilma explained that, “Lockdown accelerated collaboration between … Continued

Joining forces to feed the homeless

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Several organisations have been working together since lockdown began to feed homeless people living on the streets of Bellville and Parow. Nearly 100 000 meals have been handed out and it has all come down to the work being done … Continued

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