The VRCID will not be closing its doors, as all City Improvement Districts in Cape Town have been declared ‘essential services.’ So, please be assured that our Public Safety Officers and Cleaners will still be around to keep the VRCID area clean and safe, in partnership with the City of Cape Town and SAPS. Our Social Development team will also be on duty to support the homeless as much as possible. Any person wanting to donate food and/or personal hygiene supplies, please contact Wilma Piek on 083 294 3667 or Ilse Maartens on 084 448 3456.

I also urge all of you to abide by the President’s call to stay indoors as much as possible, except for the purchasing of essential food items, and for medical attention, amongst others. Also, it is now a good time to actually meet your neighbours before lock down and offer support to them, especially the elderly. Exchange contact numbers in the event of an emergency.

For many businesses out there, it is going to be a very tough time, not only for the business itself, but also for their employees. For smaller businesses, make use of the financial support the government has put in place. You will however have to take initiative and apply for such funding.

For those of us who have gardeners and domestic staff, please keep them in mind as well. Buy them food parcels, give them something extra this month in terms of wages, and have them stay at home: it is the right thing to do.

Lastly, from all my staff and myself at the VRCID, we wish you all the best for the times ahead, but if we follow the guidelines that the President has set out, we will rise again and prosper.

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