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Safety at Home

Here are some important tips to remember about home safety:

  • Never allow strangers into your house – always confirm their legitimacy
  • Invest and utilize a good overall security system
  • Adequate lighting around the perimeter of your house acts as a good deterrent
  • Trim shrubs around windows and entrances so they cannot conceal intruders
  • When you leave you home at night, leave interior lights one, as well as your television or radio, so that your house looks occupied
  • If living in a complex don’t open entrance/foyer doors to strangers and prevent tailgating
  • Never disclose that you are home alone
  • Always be alert to vehicles or persons following you into your entrance or the garage
  • Educate everyone regarding these safety precautions
  • Don’t leave firearms unattended
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers next to the telephone
  • A list of emergency numbers can be found on our website here.

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