The term urban management, in the VRCID’s case, also includes cleansing. The VRCID has dedicated cleaning teams who work 7 days a week to keep the streets of the VRCID clean. These staff members work tirelessly day and night to ensure a pleasant experience for the people working or living within the VRCID.

As with the PSO’s, our precinct managers oversee the work done by the cleaning teams. The precinct managers also ensure that the City of Cape Town (Solid Waste Department) is held accountable as the VRCID only provides top-up services to those of the City of Cape Town.

The precinct managers work in close partnership with their colleagues at the City of Cape Town and the appointed service provider of the VRCID. As the VRCID is committed to social development, we have set a monthly budget aside to employ homeless and or jobless persons via an NGO that the VRCID works closely with, namely MES (an entry level skills training NGO in Bellville).

The precinct managers, as part of their daily work, act as a go-between, between the City of Cape Town line departments and the VRCID levy payers. They also communicate directly with all commercial property owners and their tenants. A precinct manager’s job is constant monitoring and remedying the Urban Environment to make it a better place for all. View the urban management team here.

All defects on Public Property, e.g. roads, sidewalks, parks etc. are reported electronically to the City of Cape Town on their fault reporting system. The VRCID therefore acts as the eyes and ears of the city on the streets of the VRCID.