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About us

The Voortrekker Corridor Improvement District (VRCID) was established in 2012 as a Special Ratings Area (SRA) to service the area on and around Voortrekker Road in Bellville and Parow. As a non-profit company, the VRCID provides supplementary services to the local authority services and works closely alongside them in areas such as security, cleansing, social development and improving the public spaces. The VRCID operates with its own board of directors, lead by COO Derek Bock, and liaises across both the public and private sectors, working together with each to develop, promote and manage the area.

Chief Operations Officer

Derek Bock

After completing his schooling career, Derek joined the South African Army and served both as a Non-Commissioned Officer and Officer.  Derek had the privilege of attending senior officer courses at the South African Army College and the Royal British Military Academy of Science amongst others. He left the SA Army as a Lieutenant-Colonel after serving 18½ years.

In 2002, he took up the post of Security Manager at the Cape Town Central City Improvement District and in 2003, was promoted to Chief Operations Officer.  From 2007 to 2012, Derek worked at an international property development company in Cape Town, giving him further experience in Property Management.

In 2012, Derek was appointed as the first Chief Operations Officer of the VRCID.

Social development Manager

Michelle Lambrechts-De Jongh

Michelle is a dedicated social work professional with a career spanning back to 2014. She holds a BA Degree in Social Work from the University of the Western Cape, graduating in March 2015. Currently, she is pursuing an Associate Diploma in People Management, expected to be completed in 2024. Michelle has experience in child protection, forensic assessment, and interventions related to older persons, persons with disabilities, social crime, and gender-based violence. She joined the Provincial Department of Social Development in February 2017 before transitioning to the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID). Prior to her role at the VRCID, Michelle worked at BADISA Trio Bellville as a Social Worker specializing in Child Protection.

Board members

Hardus Zevenster

Chairperson of the Board: Representing Radio Tygerberg

Johan Bester

Deputy Chairperson: Representing Sanlam

Lamesa Modak

Representing Growthpoint Properties

Piet Badenhorst

VRCID Company Secretary

Allen Bosman

Representing The Foschini Group

Romanie Smithdorf

Representing Vodacom

Geo Nel

Representing McCarthy’s VW Parow

Johan Oosthuizen

Private Property owner

Reg Barry

Private Property owner

Ciska Mouton

Private Property owner


Area boundary

Precinct 1

021 823 6713

Precinct 2

Frederick Adriaanse
074 960 2039 

Precinct 3

Davian ver Neel
076 387 5810

Our Partners

Statutory Information

Membership application

Membership of the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District is open to all property owners within the VRCID boundary, who are encouraged to apply for said membership so that they can exercise their rights to influence the business of the CID. Membership cannot be denied and the property owner is entitled to attend, participate and vote at the company meetings held under the auspices of the Companies Act.

Should a member be unable to attend, they may give another individual their proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Non-members may attend and participate but cannot vote and as such may thus have limited influence on the CID activities.

Once the membership form has been completed, please scan and email to 

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