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Social Development

Social development and upliftment are a priority for the VRCID. With the growing number of homeless and jobless people, the VRCID appointed a full-time Social Development Manager, Deputy Social Development Manager (registered Social Workers) and 3 Field Workers to liaise with especially the homeless on a daily basis. Together with our partners, MES, The Haven, Tygerberg Street Peoples Association amongst others, we provide funding for them to provide much-needed services.

These services include, amongst others, family reunifications, application for social grants, applications for identity documents, basic health services and also assisting with short-term shelter.

Together with the City of Cape Town Social Development department, the VRCID actively promotes the GIVE RESPONSIBLY campaign. This is an awareness campaign to raise awareness that simply by giving to those begging on the streets, might not have the desired effect. In many instances, this money is used to buy alcohol or drugs. We would rather the public to give of their time and money to NGO’s that the VRCID works with.

Want to do good, better?

Help the vulnerable build a future they can believe in. With your help, we can achieve amazing things.


Please support the organisations in our area who deal with people living on the streets on a daily basis, which are:

Assessment & Referral Centre
Charl Malan Street
Tel:  021-948 5399

Training & Development & 2nd Phase accommodation
3 Davies Street

Job Rehabilitation: Ophelp

Hannes van der Merwe
Cell:  072 607 4508

Third Avenue

Tel:  021-591 2824

5 Old Faure Road

Past. Jack Mahoney
Tel:  021-843 3927 or 082 787 5993

7th Floor, 11 Adderley Street,
Cape Town City Centre

Tel: 021 425 0050

Give Responsibly Campaign

Toll-free number to report Homeless Person in need of assistance:  0800 872 201

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