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Chrysalis Academy – applications now available

The Chrysalis Academy is a youth leadership development organisation as well as a social crime prevention initiative, empowering young people to take responsibility for their personal growth. To achieve its vision & mission, the Academy provides them with the necessary life skills and tools to become self-confident, economically productive and positive role models within their communities.

The Chrysalis Academy is a preventative initiative as opposed to a rehabilitation program. What are they offering? A 5-year youth development programme which starts with an intensive 3-months of empowerment training that takes place on their beautiful campus set in the peaceful surrounding of the Tokai forest.

Four different stages of Training:

Orientation Phase, Outdoor Phase, Skills Phase and the Community Phase. During each phase, the students are exposed to extensive physical activities, different learning areas and voluntary work to achieve their development into positive role models. They acquire social values, environmental awareness, life & leadership skills as well as career skills. Throughout the programme, the students have access to individual counseling and life coaching based on individual assessments.

Furthermore, parent workshops and family sessions are offered to promote positive parenting and caring families in the communities. After graduation, their students are encouraged to give back to their communities as positive role models by volunteering at Community based and Non Profit Organisations. Their graduates will be continuously tracked and further supported for 5 years to ensure that sustainable personal growth is achieved.

3-month Development Programme

I. Orientation Phase

As a foundation for their programme, a daily routine is established where discipline, neatness and personal hygiene are emphasised. The following life skills are offered: Personal development, Substance abuse, Goal setting, Conflict management, Interpersonal relations, Basic health & nutrition, HIV/Aids, Sexuality, First aid (level 1), Fire fighting (level 1) and Environmental awareness.

II. Outdoor Phase

The students head to the great outdoors to test their personal limits, discover strengths and weaknesses,
develop teamwork skills and experience the power of nature. Hiking, abseiling, kayaking and rock climbing are just some of the challenges.

After this phase, the students will be allowed visitors for the first time since leaving home. III. Skills Phase According to the needs in the job market, the students will be exposed and introduced to different technical skills, as part of a career orientation to assist them with future job decisions. Hairdressing & grooming, welding, carpentry, cookery, basic computer and office administration, home care, First Aid (Level 1), Child & Youth Care development are some of the skills offered.

IV. Community Phase

The students are prepared for their life back in the ‘real’ world by focusing on life orientation skills and career guidance. Students are encouraged to ‘give back to society’ by connecting with schools and community organizations and doing positive community work like sports coaching in schools, helping at Old Age Homes or marshalling at events.

Life Coaching & Family Integration

The Chrysalis Academy’s professional Life  Coach conducts individual assessments during the Orientation Phase to gather information about the students’ backgrounds and their social needs The Parents’ workshops are an integral part of this programme and 3 workshops are presented during the 3-months training. The aim is to encourage positive parenting styles and restoring caring, loving relationships within the home.

How to Apply:

Take two I.D pictures and your banking details, and please upload your I.D and proof of address and your latest school report on the form below.

Should you fit their criteria, you will be contacted to arrange an interview. You will then also undergo a medical and physical assessment for the final selection.

Random drug testing will also be done.
Their youth development program is FREE to all applicants from all areas of the Western Cape!
Take the First Step! Apply TODAY!

Chrysalis Academy Application form 2018

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