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Mr. Mullins: VRCID’s star cleaner

Many who live and work around the Radio Tygerberg 104FM area here in Parow will know Mr. Peter Mullins, who for the past 8½ years has been on his post daily, cleaning the streets. Peter was supposed to retire five years ago but he refused to do so. At 67 years old, Peter is a shining example of someone who takes pride in his work: “he’s one of our stars. He has been here since day one, for the past eight years. The Radio Tygerberg staff care for him and look after him” comments our Chief Operations Officer, Derek Bock.

When asked why he refused to retire, Mr Mullins said “I appreciate my work because I can build relationships with all kinds of people in my area. I work from passion and I enjoy everything I do, and I didn’t believe that my job was done because I have a purpose here, and my purpose is not finished.”

Mr Mullins was born in Durban and moved to Cape Town in 1976. “It was tough when I moved to Cape Town, but I said if there is a God and he changes my life, I will surrender to him. Now, I can look around and see for myself that the Lord is very good to me, because I have a good life: I have a job and people around me that help me – they mean a lot to me,” says Mullins.

He believes that this year we will experience great changes around the world: “It has been really hard, but I believe that we will experience healing this year. Especially now, we need to put our differences aside and support each other.”

Mr Mullins was recently awarded a certificate of recognition for his hard work and dedication to the VRCID cleaning department. His efforts are deeply appreciated by both our management, and the general public – not only for the job he does, but because of the person he is.

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