Musiek Wêreld: waar die sterre uithang

Was daar al ooit ‘n tyd in jou lewe dat jy ‘n musiek instrument wou speel? Daar is iets oor die tokkel van ‘n kitaar se snare, of die ritme van ‘n drom wat mens sommer lewendig laat voel.

Street kids need more resources

The Parow and Northern Suburbs Western Cape Street Children held a sub-forum meeting on Thursday 7 March. The members present highlighted issues about the increase of street children in the northern suburbs.

VRCID operational during festive season

The Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID), which had cameras installed targetting the hotspot areas in Bellville and Parow CBD areas earlier this year, aims to roll out even more cameras in the new year.

Open Streets back in Bellville

Open Streets will return to Bellville on Sunday 25 November. Between 09:00 and 14:00 on that day, a portion of Voortrekker Road will be closed to vehicles and open to people who can come and enjoy a car free space, by foot, bicycle,skateboard or any other form of non motorised transport.

Bellville’s best honoured

Volunteers and police officers who spend countless hours protecting Bellville’s neighbourhoods were honoured last week. VRCID was awarded the best CID of the year.  

Working with the GTP for lasting change

When you walk along the Voortrekker Road corridor and survey the surrounding area, it all seems chaotic. It’s easy to imagine an internal compass guiding the daily comings and goings of the Mother City. Beautiful though that idea is, it’s not quite accurate! What many citizens may not realise is that behind the scenes there […]

Reasons to choose Bellville

Why not develop, innovate, invest and choose Bellville? This was the sentiment echoed at the Greater Tygerberg Partnership’s (GTP) annual conference.    

Urban Development: Why Bellville?

Its inclusive growth model could become a successful African urban regeneration example and second economic node to alleviate Cape Town’s congestion.