Social development and upliftment are a priority for the VRCID.  With the growing number of homeless and jobless people, the VRCID appointed a full-time Social Development Manager (registered Social Worker) and 2 Field Workers to liaise with especially the homeless on a daily basis. Together with our partners, MES, The Haven, Tygerberg Street Peoples Association amongst others, we provide funding for them to provide much-needed services.

These services include, amongst others, family reunifications, application for social grants, applications for identity documents, basic health services and also assisting with short-term shelter.

Together with the City of Cape Town Social Development department, the VRCID actively promotes the GIVE RESPONSIBLY campaign. This is an awareness campaign to raise awareness that simply by giving to those begging on the streets, might not have the desired effect. In many instances, this money is used to buy alcohol or drugs. We would rather the public to give of their time and money to NGO’s that the VRCID works with.

Social Development team

Wilma Piek: Social Development ManagerJacque Pietersen: FieldworkerVeronica Geduld: Fieldworker
Wilma graduated from the University of the Free State with a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences (Social Work) and has been the Social Development Manager of the VRCID, since July 2012.  She has vast experience in general Social Work.  She piloted a residential development programme for destitute young adults, while working for Echo Youth Development in Pretoria and gained valuable insight in the plight of the homeless while working with the children of destitute and poverty stricken parents at the Ark Christian School, before joining the VRCID. Wilma also serves on the Boards of the Western Cape Street Children’s Forum and Tygerberg Association of Street People.

083 294 3667

Prior to joining the VRCID in 2016Jacque worked for TASP (Tygerberg Association for Street People) and MES in Bellville.  Before joining the street people sector, Jacque travelled the world, while working as a chef at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line International. Jacque’s passion is to assist the people living on the street effectively and with compassion.  He is currently studying to become a qualified Social Auxiliary Worker.  Jacque is currently a Field Worker at the VRCID.

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Veronica, a trained carer, worked with the frail and elderly, before joining OASIS and later MES as a Field Worker.  She has been working for the VRCID as fieldworker since July 2016.  Her experience as a carer assists the VRCID greatly to help people living on the street who need medical assistance.

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Please support the organisations in our area who deal with people living on the streets on a daily basis, which are:

TASP (Tygerberg Association for Street People)


Straatwerk, Ophelp Projects

Street Adults

Elim Nightshelter

Dusk to Dawn Shelter for Abused Woman & Children

The Ark City of Refuge

Street Children

City of Cape Town