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The VRCID – Collaborating for a positive change in the community!

The Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID) operates within a clearly defined geographical area spanning eight kilometres across and provides top-up support to the City of Cape Town’s service delivery teams. The boundaries of VRCID are the N1 on Durban Road, Steenbras Road in Parow, Stikland Railway Bridge, as well as the Tienie Meyer bypass in Bellville. We strive to ensure that the urban environment along Voortrekker road is clean, safe and sustainable. With the help of strategic partnerships with organisations like MES, SAFE2PARK and The Greater Tygerberg Partnership, we have truly made a significant positive change to the Bellville area.

Since VRCID’s more recent collaboration with Yellow Door Collective, a full-service digital marketing agency in Cape Town, we have made dramatic progress in terms of online content and communicating with the public. This includes the sharing of informative and engaging content on social media and  the launch of a new, state of the art, website which is equal parts convenience and beauty! The new VRCID website allows viewers to gain, security tips for the area and insight on safety, as well as the opportunity to see recent urban management and social development projects that VRCID and its partners have been working on. By sharing information on the VRCID website and through our partner organisations (e.g. the SAPS, MES, and SAFE2PARK) the public can see which areas require more attention, and those willing to volunteer can assist in improving those areas for all, including those less fortunate, and making them more sustainable.

Our marketing efforts are particularly focused on communicating that all key role players are working together to patrol and increase the safety and cleanliness of the environment. SAPD is the primary service provider for safety in the area, and consequently VRCID often has no mandate to patrol the area. VRCID therefore assists the SAPD, and by working in cohort SAPD and VRCID have noticed an impact in the area.  We also attend management meetings to share the latest updates and advice with the public, to keep you informed and encourage you to help us make changes in 2017. Also, with the great progress having been made to ensure a cleaner area along the Voortrekker road corridor, the Yellow Door Collective strives to ensure that VRCID’s progress levels keep improving in 2017 through the communication of their accomplishments, as well as creating a platform where the public can help contribute in a way that has a lasting effect on the environment.

Feedback from the public is essential, and truly appreciated, as it benefits the proceedings of VRCID for the future. This is because it helps highlight problem areas that the public have discovered, and allows us to gain insight as to how civilians think a problem could be approached most effectively. Ultimately, your contributions will help us to make the Voortrekker corridor a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment for all.

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