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Stay safe in Cape Town with these four tips

The collaboration and hard work from the VRCID, the City of Cape Town, SAPS and Safe2Park has resulted in a drop in Northern Suburbs crime rates. Thankfully, in many areas Cape Town is also enjoying fewer incidents. Cape Town and its surrounding areas have industrialized areas and modern services for crime prevention. The problem is, however, that South Africa is still quite poor, unemployment rates are high and theft is and will continue to be an issue for the foreseeable future.

To ensure the safety of residents and business owners in Bellville and Parow is one of our main goals, and we can’t over-emphasise the importance of being on the lookout for criminal activity in your local area. Prevention is the strongest and safest approach for criminal activity, so we have compiled a list of four safety tips to make sure you’re not an easy target:

  1. Trust your instincts

Use your common sense when you’re out and about in the area. If you have to be outside at night, remain in well-lit areas and particularly avoid dark streets, alleys and building sites. Do not wander by yourself. To avoid attracting potentially dangerous attention, do not show off your wealth by wearing jewellery or carrying a camera, for example. You should feel uncomfortable in most of these cases which is a great tool to stay cautious at all times.

  1. Keep your belongings close

Theft is one of the most frequently reported crimes in the Western Cape, with purse snatching a particularly common occurrence. Take extra care in areas full of people, as crowded situations are ideal for pickpockets as their crime may go unnoticed by distracted victims, and it is easier to get lost amongst the masses to avoid apprehension. We strongly advise against carrying a purse at all in crowded areas. If you must carry loose items, try to keep them in the pocket of your jacket or deep trouser pockets.

  1. Take caution with transactions

Never carry large sums of money when you’re out and about. We advise carrying loose change in a pocket, rather than with your notes, for situations like paying car guards. This way you won’t be advertising where your cash is held, nor risking a wallet snatch situation. Be aware that ATMs are regular targets for pick-pockets and credit card thieves, so be sure to always monitor your surroundings for suspicious individuals.

  1. Transportation

If you depend on taxis as a mode of transportation, we recommend only using marked taxi cabs or Uber. If you’re using public transport, remember that crime is often prevalent on busses during the evenings, so keep your belongings close at all times and remain especially aware at the Bellville taxi rank. If leaving your vehicle unattended in a parking lot, remember to remove all items from sight to prevent others from smashing your window and taking your belongings.

Apart from trusting your instincts and keeping these four points in mind at all times, we would like to remind you to please report any suspicious activity or incidents in the area. Please send an email to, or alternatively an inbox message to our Facebook page.

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