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Many of us want to make a difference to the lives of those who are less fortunate than ourselves. However, the age-old question of where our money or donations go can cause worry. As you may know, the VRCID passionately supports the donation of time and goods to help others, instead of handing out money. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to another of our collaborators, the Tygerberg Association for Street People…

What is TASP?

Established in 2001, TASP is dedicated to rehabilitating street people by providing them with life skills, support, and training. They facilitate a “people reaching people” approach, which is especially evident in their Winter Readiness Programme delivered with the VRCID and the City of Cape Town. This collaboration facilitates assistance of people during their battle against the cold this winter. “The City of Cape Town provides dry goods, toiletries and blankets for 30 people, the VRCID contributes R1 500 monthly towards our utility bill, and TASP is responsible for accommodation, as well to prepare and serve food to our clients”, says Mr Majied, one of the key members of TASP.

How can you support TASP?

Providing basic necessities to individuals in need has always posed a great challenge, and this winter is no exception. After the success of the Safe Space project implemented in partnership with MES, we look forward to the three of us combining forces and thereby explore alternative accommodative options in the future. Our first step is to source and secure sufficient funding, and with the constant influx of people into the Tygerberg area we are making this a priority. A challenge is to find land that suits the requirements to establish more shelters, and we are determined to find a solution in time for the next winter.

Apart from the public getting involved with the donation of basic necessities, TASP also runs a new job creation programme for the homeless which teaches them how to install fire balls. These new inventions kill fires before a property is burnt down. TASP encourages residents and businesses to purchase fire balls from them which they can come and install at your home. The income generated from this scheme will help put bread on these individuals’ tables, and therefore protecting your property is also a social act. If interested, you can contact TASP for more information regarding the price and mechanics of these products.

“We are confident that if businesses and residents in the Tygerberg area contributes R100 per month and purchase our fire balls, we can effectively reduce the number of street people by at least 50% over a period of three years”, says Mr Majied. “Please don’t give handouts to the organisation but pay for services we render. Together we can win this war and keep everyone safe and happy!”

If you are interested in supporting this valuable work, or would like more information on how you can help, please email Debbie on

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