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Change someone’s life: take part in VRCID’s ‘Baadjies en Beanies’ project

Take part and change someone’s life in the VRCID Social Development Team’s ‘Baadjies en Beanies’ project, in partnership with Radio Tygerberg 104FM and Shiloh Synergy. In reflection of the year that’s just passed, the VRCID Social Development Team look back on 2019 with gratitude, and towards this upcoming year with hope and ambition. Wilma Piek, VRCID’s Social Development Manager, says: “Despite the many challenges that 2019 handed us, it was a year where we could reach out to the many homeless and vulnerable people on the streets of Bellville and Parow, as well as to the surrounding communities where they come from.”

“We’re very proud of the work that our fieldworkers and outreach workers did last year and are thankful for the assistance received from our supporting and service-rendering organisations (NGO’s). Without their help, we wouldn’t have been able to support the homeless and vulnerable people on the streets, to ultimately get them off the streets and prevent them from going back.  Simultaneously, we were able to assist many street people – including street children – to access their identity documents and social grants, as well as their necessary medical services, psycho-social services, and reunification services, amongst other necessities.  Much needed temporary accommodation and shelter were also provided by our local night shelters (Bellville Haven and Elim Night Shelter), MES Safe Space (Step-down Shelter) and TASP (Winter Readiness Programme),” continues Wilma. You can read more about these achievements in our last blog post.



Over the past year, VRCID’s Social Development Team focused on the following three areas:

  • Creating Awareness to Give Responsibly, as well as creating more outreach initiatives and collaborating more with our communities to give dignity back to our street people, street children and vulnerable people in our community.
  • Increased focus on identifying, developing and accessing more predictable income opportunities and skills-development opportunities.

Getting more support from service-rendering organisations (NGO’s).  Without their support and input, we would never be able to effectively assist street people and children to get off the streets.



Wilma and her incredible team would like to invite build more on this foundation and invite you, as a local business owner, businessperson, or community leader, to take hands and walk the road with them during 2020.

They’re collaborating with Radio Tygerberg 104fm and Shiloh Synergy to launch the Jackets and Beanies Project (‘Baadjies en Beanies’).  This is a project to raise as many jackets and beanies as possible to be distributed during the cold, wet winter months to identified people in need, and distributed via Shiloh Synergy and the VRCID Social Development Team. School jackets, raincoats, work jackets, warm jackets, and of course beanies in any colour, style or size are welcome (considering they’re still in good condition).

“A jacket is not only a piece of clothing – it is also a piece of pride for the owner, and an avenue to show that you care for those in need.  It can put a smile on the face of the person who finally got a job interview, or the child whose parents could not afford to buy him a school uniform.  It can create the pure joy of looking and feeling great,” adds Wilma.

Please make sure Jackets and Beanies (‘Baadjies and Beanies’) is written in thick letters on your school, work and church calendar, so when you sort out your cupboard over the change in seasons, you remember our project.  If you are keen on knitting or crocheting, don’t wait to start with warm beanies – old and young will appreciate this during the winter months.

More details about Baadjies and Beanies will be made available soon on our website, and posted on our Facebook Page. You can also find our latest video to find out more about the work of the VRCID.

If you want to participate in the ‘Baadjies en Beanies’ project, please contact:

  • Wilma Piek, Social Development Manager at VRCID: 083 294 3667, or send an e-mail to
  • Surita Cowley, Head of Ministry at Tygerberg FM: 0861 104104, or send an e-mail  to:




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