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Change someone’s life: take part in VRCID’s ‘Baadjies en Beanies’ project

Take part and change someone’s life in the VRCID Social Development Team’s ‘Baadjies en Beanies’ project, in partnership with Radio Tygerberg 104FM and Shiloh Synergy. In reflection of the year that’s just passed, the VRCID Social Development Team look back on 2019 with gratitude, and towards this upcoming year with hope and ambition. Wilma Piek, […]

Your VRCID will continue to overcome obstacles and strive for a better tomorrow

The VRCID’s Social Development Department, under the management of Wilma Piek, is fuelled by the team’s passion to serve the homeless and vulnerable people on the streets of Bellville and Parow and surrounding areas. Working towards the development of an area significantly challenged by urban decay is no easy task, but Wilma and her team […]

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