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VRCID’S AGM reflects on a year of achievements and commitment to excellence!

As the year draws to a close, the VRCID Annual General Meeting held on November 21, 2023, at the New National Hotel in Parow served as a key moment for reflection. From operational milestones to impactful social upliftment initiatives, the VRCID remains steadfast in its commitment to providing unparalleled services for the VRCID additional rate payers, surpassing benchmarks set by the City of Cape Town and the SAPS.

The annual report presented during the AGM showcased commendable performance statistics, all accomplished within the constraints of a limited budget. A special commendation was extended to the dedicated Public Safety Officers, who demonstrated unwavering commitment and hard work under challenging circumstances throughout the year.

The event featured noteworthy moments, including the recognition of Mr. Gerhard Barron and his cleaning team, who received certificates of appreciation. Additionally, Wilma-Louise Piek handed out certificates of appreciation to Social Upliftment partners, emphasizing the collaborative efforts that contribute to the VRCID’s positive impact.

The AGM provided a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of various partners, with COO Derek Bock offering insightful feedback on the VRCID’s accomplishments over the past year. Hardus Zevenster, the VRCID Board Chairman, concluded the meeting with a forward-looking perspective, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to continued excellence.

The VRCID extends its gratitude to all involved, recognizing that these achievements were made possible through collaborative efforts and dedication.

For further details and insights, refer to the comprehensive AGM report on AGM – VRCID or contact the VRCID office.

The article was published in Tygerburger on Wednesday, 06 December 2023.

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