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The Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID) bid farewell to Wilma Piek, the Social Development Manager who has dedicated over a decade of service to the organization. The farewell celebration was held on Tuesday, January 23rd at The Lawns, D’Aria Wine Estate. Wilma is embarking on a new adventure in Egypt with her husband, Etienne.

Reflecting on her journey, Wilma expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with and for homeless, destitute, and vulnerable people in Bellville and Parow. Over the past ten years, she encountered challenges and heard sad life stories, but also witnessed moments of hope, miracles, and the unwavering dedication of her colleagues. Wilma expressed her gratitude to the COO of the VRCID, Derek Bock, the VRCID board led by Mr. Hardus Zevenster, NGO partners, colleagues, and everyone she met during her time at the VRCID.  Wilma also specifically thanked the City of Cape Town for their cooperation during her tenure at the VRCID.

She wishes the VRCID continued success in serving the homeless, vulnerable, and destitute. Wilma also expressed her confidence in Michelle Lambrechts, the newly appointed Social Development Manager, who will assume the role starting on March 1, 2024.

Michelle, a social work graduate with a career spanning back to 2014, has extensive experience in child protection, forensic assessment, and interventions related to older persons, persons with disabilities, social crime, and gender-based violence. She looks forward to embarking on her new journey and has observed the welcoming atmosphere and community upliftment approach fostered by the VRCID. Michelle is excited to contribute to the organization’s impactful work and become an integral part of the VRCID community.

The VRCID is looking forward to a new chapter under her leadership, and is confident in her ability to carry on the legacy of compassionate and effective social development.

Wilma’s departure is bittersweet, but her contributions and dedication to the VRCID will always be cherished. 

We would like to thank Tygerburger Parow for the special mention, you can find the article here

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