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Mould Empower Serve – a cause worth supporting

Since the very beginnings of the VRCID, one of our main goals has been to take social responsibility and help those in need. With strategic partnerships came the combination of specialised skills and determination that have allowed us to make a significant and lasting improvement to the lives of the homeless. MES and TASP are the partners who have gone to great lengths to work alongside us and help those in need this winter. We proudly introduce their efforts, and inform you about ways to make a difference…

Who is MES?

Mould Empower Serve (MES) is a non-profit organisation established in 1986 to empower people to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives. Their partnership with the VRCID has made a significant improvement to the lives of the homeless in the area. Our most recent breakthroughs include the creation of a safe space to accommodate the homeless every day from 18h00 to 08h00, and an on-going job rehabilitation program that gives the destitute a salary and a purpose in life.

“The homeless people in our area face many problems that are not always easily solved. We need the support of individuals, churches and businesses to change their lives in order for them to become good and functional citizens who are part of our economic world”, says Lilly Franks, Branch Manager of MES Cape Town.

How can you support MES?

Items such as clothes, food and blankets are gratefully accepted at the MES offices all year round. At this time, MES are desperately seeking a few specific items – a fridge, gas heaters, shower mats, and an industrial washing machine. They are also appealing for any entertainment options such as a table tennis or pool table. The donation and installation of a motor gate and/or two retractable washing lines would also have a lasting impact on the shelter. If you would be willing to rather donate some of your time, they would be very grateful for assistance with maintenance jobs which includes the painting of demarcated areas of their surrounding parking areas or the installation of shower curtains.

You can also volunteer your time by serving an evening meal at the shelter, hiring the safe space as a venue for your upcoming event, or by assisting MES with sorting of clothes and packing of food parcels. At the end of the day there is no specific skill set for a great volunteer! If you have skills or experience in a field that could be of value to MES (e.g. photography, IT, plumbing or life coaching) we’d love to have you on board!

Another great organisation that all residents and business owners should be aware of is the Tygerberg Association of Street People. Click here to read more about their aims and the progress they have made in collaboration with the VRCID during 2017.

If you’re interested in giving a hand up rather than a hand out to sustainably improve someone else’s life, please email Lilly on

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