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Why homelessness is a pandemic: systems, structures and assumptions

The homelessness pandemic is increasing worldwide and so are the concerns around what is being done to support homeless citizens across the globe. There are also rising concerns around whether these efforts to affect change are making a difference to the most vulnerable people in our communities or if we need to change our tune.  […]

Record number of Cold Front Sleeping Sites set up for the homeless

VRCID Field Worker Allistair Scholtz with Sleeping Site visitor Paulina Silver.   Last month, a homeless individual living on the street in Kuils River died from exposure to Cape Town’s bitterly cold temperatures. “We’re living in the 21st century – we cannot let this happen. This is why Cold Front Sleeping Sites exist,” comments Ilse […]

Your VRCID will continue to overcome obstacles and strive for a better tomorrow

The VRCID’s Social Development Department, under the management of Wilma Piek, is fuelled by the team’s passion to serve the homeless and vulnerable people on the streets of Bellville and Parow and surrounding areas. Working towards the development of an area significantly challenged by urban decay is no easy task, but Wilma and her team […]

Saying farewell to a key player at MES

  ‘Everyone in our country has the potential to contribute to a better South Africa.’ – Lilly Rossouw MES (Mould Empower Serve), an NGO based in Bellville and partner of the VRCID in terms of social upliftment, has been at the forefront of improving the lives of the destitute, especially those living on the streets.  […]

Mould Empower Serve – a cause worth supporting

Since the very beginnings of the VRCID, one of our main goals has been to take social responsibility and help those in need. With strategic partnerships came the combination of specialised skills and determination that have allowed us to make a significant and lasting improvement to the lives of the homeless. MES and TASP are […]

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