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Winter Readiness programme: let’s change lives together


The winter season is officially upon us bringing icy cold fronts and biting winds with it. Fortunately, most of us have warm, cosy homes to retreat to, but there are many citizens who do not.

This is an appeal from our social team to please support organisations that are making a difference in a sustainable, supportive way by giving responsibly.


Why donate rather than giving money or food?

Unfortunately, giving money and goods directly to those begging on our streets is not the best solution for alleviating poverty in the long term. In many instances, the money is used to buy alcohol or drugs. Sometimes even food items are sold in exchange for money to buy abusive substances.

In order to support and eventually reintegrate these individuals into society in a sustainable, healthy way, the VRCID partners with the City of Cape Town Street People Programme to promote a Winter Readiness campaign.

We want to encourage the public to ‘do good, better’ and support NGOs that dedicate their time and expertise to people living on the streets. Please consider any donation to these organisations – the more resources that are made available, the more people can be helped and the bigger the impact.


Organisations that we partner with

Organisations in our area who assist people living on the streets on a daily basis are:


Tygerberg Association for Street People (TASP)

This organisation participates in the City’s Winter Readiness Programme by sheltering 15 people per night against the cold during the severe winter months. They also offer family services to keep families together and prevent people from ending up on the street.


Mould, Empower and Serve (MES)

This is a nationwide organisation that offers a range of services that address poverty and homelessness. These include the Centre of Hope (developmental social services), Safe Space (pre-shelter) and GROW job rehabilitation programme.


The Haven Belville

Another participant in the programme, The Haven Belville shelters 54 people every night and can accommodate up to 15 extra people during the cold winter months. You can purchase a bed for a week for only R60 – visit their website for more information.


Elim Nightshelter

Elim Nightshelter normally caters to 70 people per evening, but similar to The Haven they make space for 15 extra people as part of the Winter Readiness programme. You can support their initiative by simply viewing the wish list on their website to contribute to the basic needs of the shelter.


Dusk to Dawn shelter for abused women and children

Situated in Ravensmead, this shelter has been in operation for years and is almost solely run by Mrs. Monica Hoorn. For more information, contact her at: 073 444 1823.


The Ark City of Refuge

Accommodating nearly 1500 destitute men, women and children, this organisation offers special programmes in terms of education, drug dependency, counselling for abused women and children, skills development and elderly/ disability care. There is an option to donate directly to the organisation on the website.


El-Theos Drop-in Centre Parow

This centre offers basic services to street children on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The goal is to assist children to get off the streets and back to school.  For more information on their services contact Bijou Bakole: 0799643145.


Kids Rise Above Circumstances (KRAC)

This organisation offers preventative and aftercare services to high risk children in Leonsdale, Elsiesrivier.  For more information on how to assist, contact Elizabeth Horn: 065 375 5189.


HewLin Compassion

Our social department team partners with this organisation for the Compassion Convention, an annual camp for vulnerable and street children. They have made great strides in reconciling families and investing into the physical and emotional needs of children. Stay tuned to their website for updates on their initiatives and basic needs.


For any additional information or assistance on which organisation to assist, contact our Social Development Manager Wilma Piek at or 083 294 3667.

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