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Camp for Children Needs Help

  HewLin Compassion, in partnership with the Teach Love Care Network, the Voor­trekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID) and Willowbridge Centre management will host its second Compassion Convention Camp from Monday 15 to Friday 19 July. Last year, the camp which hosts children living on the street was a huge success and this year, it […]

El-Theos drop in centre takes street children camping

Over the years, our VRCID social team has made an effort to get to know and assist the homeless and destitute citizens within the VRCID.  We have developed a particular soft spot for children that have ended up on the street due to neglection at home or becoming involved in drugs. El-Theos Drop-in Centre for […]

There is always hope – Lindy’s story

‘You know what I really like about Lindy? She doesn’t worry about what other people say about her,’ says Monica Hoorn, a retired social worker and Director of the Dusk to Dawn Shelter for Abused Women and Children. We called Aunty Monica to briefly discuss the progress of a lady who is currently still residing […]

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